Installing and Using Greenbone Vulnerability Management 11


I’ve got an Ubuntu 18.04 server that I wanted to setup OpenVAS on. After a bit of digging I guess it’s been rebranded as Greenbone Vulnerability Management (GVM) and the latest version is 11?

I’m having a difficult time finding information on how to install this or what the best way to do so would be.

If anyone could point me in the right direction I would greatly appreciate it.

Please check the Category you posted under Greenbone Community Edition, what your are looking for is how to install it under Ubuntu. The only here “supported” way how to do that it compile it on your own.

There are many HOWTOs how to do that, how ever you should know how to master Linux and compile software and work with tool chains.

If not the only other way is to use our Community Edition as Virtual-Machine Image. That are your options.


I ended up following the instructions located at