Installation with changed prefix: notus-scanner & ospd-openvas errors

Hello everyone,

we installed GVM 22.4.0 as described in on a fresh Debian 11 system. We changed

  • INSTALL_PREFIX to /opt/gvm/
  • DSYSCONFDIR to /opt/gvm/etc
  • and DLOCALSTATEDIR to /opt/gvm/var
    and adjusted the service-files and the steps “Adjusting Permissions” & “Setting up sudo for Scanning” accordingly.
    We followed the older version (and current one?!) of your guide that still installs ospd and notus with “python3 -m pip install . --prefix=$INSTALL_PREFIX”.

All is going well, except that

  • notus-scanner is looking for gnupghome at /etc/openvas, not /opt/gvm/etc/openvas
  • and ospd-openvas is looking for openvas at /usr/local/sbin, not /opt/gvm/sbin
    We can fix this by creating symlinks, and then system is running, but we would prefer to keep the installation limited to /opt/gvm.

How can we tell notus-scanner and ospd-openvas where to look for the folder / executeable?

For notus-scanner I read somewhere that you can specify the gnupghome folder in a toml config. I created a file with the line "gnupghome = ‘/opt/gvm/etc/openvas/gnupg’ " and added it via “-c” in the notus-scanner service file.
But it didnt fix the problem. How should the config file for notus-scanner be looking?

I got no idea how to approach ospd-openvas looking in the wrong directory for openvas. /opt/gvm/sbin is in the PATH of the user “gvm” that is specified in the opsd-openvas service file. The INSTALL_PREFIX of opsd-openvas is changed to /opt/gvm too (and it is installed there correctly).
Any help is appreciated!

Thanks in advance.

Best wishes