Installation of Greenbone 10 (without Beta Version) in Ubuntu 16.10


Okay, Thanks for the information.

Would like to know the step for the installation of GVM 10 on Ubuntu machines.


Just look at the github, the “make-instructions” are available for each project part:
e.g. GVMD

If you are not comfortable maintaining your installation from the source, you might wanna wait for the next GOS 5.0 based community edition.

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I am looking for OpenVas 10 Linux packages to be installed on Ubuntu machines. Would you please let me know if we have installation for the same.

There will be not OpenVAS 10, we rebrand the suite as GVM 10 :wink:

Besides the GCE we are not responsible for any packages of uncoordinated integrations or discussing any packets here.

Please get back to your distribution and open a post there. Therefor closing this topic here.

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There is a PPA for Ubuntu

Please be aware these packages are NOT provided by, maintained by nor coordinated with Greenbone. We are not providing any support for them and we aren’t responsible for their quality.


This packages does have some security issues, please be aware of this. Default passwords and non standard ports for example.