Install python_gvm occur error

install python_gvm occur error.
error info:
ERROR: File “” not found. Directory cannot be installed in editable mode: /root/python-gvm-1.6.0
(A “pyproject.toml” file was found, but editable mode currently requires a based build.)
where download


there is no file for python-gvm. I am really sure you are using a wrong installation guide. Even the version 1.6.0 is very very outdated. Current version is 22.9.1.

To install the current version please follow the listed command at


first thanks for your reply,
but my server have no network,how to install python_gvm using source code.
I’m following the listd command at
version 22.9.1 install also occur same error.

Without an internet connection it is very difficult to install python-gvm because you have to install all dependencies manually too. Without network connection won’t work too if the dependencies aren’t installed already.

Just for completeness the dependencies are listed here. You need to install these libraries manually too. pip will do that for you automatically if you have internet access.

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