INSTALL_PREFIX change not reflected in systemd scripts

in the Building 22.4 from Source guide, when installing the notus-scanner and ospd-openvas for Ubuntu, the INSTALL_PREFIX is change to /usr instead of the initial /usr/local. But in the systemd scripts /usr/local/bin/ is specified for the path for these binaries, causing them to fail. Not changing the INSTALL_PREFIX seems to work fine.

Changing the INSTALL_PREFIX is not supported by the docs. At least not currently. That means all listed code and statements are assuming /usr/local/ as INSTALL_PREFIX. When changing it you need to be extra careful and check for possible additional required changes.

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hi @bricks thanks for the quickreply,

what I meant was that the documentation itself changes the INSTALL_PREFIX

just look at the Required dependencies for ospd-openvas for Ubuntu. Here INSTALL_PREFIX=/usr is set before installing the requirements. Is it a typo?

Oh in the Ubuntu tab. I am really sure this is just a typo. It doesn’t make sense to set it an apt install context.

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Thanks for letting me know about that. Didn’t saw this mistake. Will be fixed with