Incorrect hostname on IP report

Hi all,

Im launching the scan to IP ranges, and after it finished, looking in to the report, it shows some incorrect ports opened and print a “hostname” in some cases that differed totally from the real one.

Have anyone notice about this error in openvas9?

Thanks in advance

The next generation GOS 5.0 / GVM-10 should bring various improvements on this topic:

Extended vhosts support:
The scanner becomes much smarter about finding all hostnames:IPs relationships without need of extra user input. The previously used per-scan-config vhosts/vhosts_ip preferences are simply dropped. Whatever was configured here will now be done automatically and reliably. In environments with virtual hosts, the scan results will haveless results because duplicates are avoided now. The hostname is now a field of its own in the Web-UI as well as in GMP. (FS-171212-5724).