Improvement suggestion for Moodle CMS version detection

“Moodle CMS Version Detection” OID:
The current VT is checking /admin/environment.xml - it expects the latest Moodle version to be the version listed in the bottom of the file.
This is however not the case anymore.

A better way to detect the version seems to check in /bin/upgrade.txt for the version number.

Below is example from Git v 3.11.6 of Moodle where environment.xml shows 4.0 and upgrade.txt shows the current version (3.11.6)


Would it be possible to correct the VT in the Greenbone feed to use lib/upgrade.txt as source for version detection instead?

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Thanks a lot for reaching out and especially for the information provided. I’ve raised an internal ticket to get this checked/addressed.


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Thank you, that sounds great!
Is there any news from the internal ticket?

We’re still investigating this issue. It’s still not completely sure how reliable the data in upgrade.txt is as it might be just updated when there were API changes but not on every Moodle update which could lead to a wrong detection again.