Imported reports don't seem to update hosts

Hi all,

I am importing reports from different servers. After importing a report from a specific server to the primary server, the report says specific host/ip address has 10.0 severity. When looking at the host on the same primary server, it says the severity is N/A.

Did I import the report wrong? I am importing them through python using this command.

The report shows the correct information, it’s just not showing on the host it when importing.

Thank you

It looks like in_assets shoult be true?

Am I correct in this assumption?


Sorry, I can’t understand what you are looking at where. :thinking:

In the web site. Under Assets/Hosts

So you are saying that the host page does not update to reflect the higher severity of the imported report?

Correct. I know I can hit the button at the top of the report to add the assets. Hoping there is a way to get it to automatically import/update the items when importing the report.