Implement an attack from Kali Linux to target Ubuntu

Hi please what are the step i need to used in other to implement an attack from Kali vm to target Ubuntu using GVM

Hi Lizzy,

I’m going to guess that by “attack” you mean launching aggressive scans (aka “invasive” scans) against targets you are authorized to scan and security test. :blush:.

While using invasive scans will perform some vulnerability tests that your asset may encounter from real-world attackers, such as DoS attacks, Greenbone does not automatically perform a full penetration test per say. However, Greenbone’s scans are obviously a good starting point to look for weaknesses in a network or single endpoint when conducting full penetration testing activities although they are a little “noisy” and likely to be detected by a savvy Blue Team.

The short answer to your question is to enable “safe_checks” and use the “Full and Fast” scan configuration. Here is the documentation section on how to accomlish this.