I'm having trouble running my first scans


I’m very new to this, and doing an assignment for school. It’s an extra credit assignment where I have to set up an Ubuntu VM with suricata, and then run a scan against it using GVM from my Kali VM. I’ve already set up both machines, and I’ve installed GVM and accessed the web ui, but there’s no scan configs, port lists, or anything in here.

It’s gvm version 16 if that’s helpful, if you need more information please let me know. I apologize for the lack of in-depth information but I’m new to this and I don’t know what information would be necessary to troubleshoot this so please be patient with me.

I’m not in a hurry, just wanting to understand if I did something wrong.

That means your setup is not finished yet. The feed synchronization is still running. You need to be patient until all feed data is loaded by the daemons. This may take a while up to several ours. Check the Feed Status page for progress.

Sadly this version of the Greenbone Community Edition doesn’t exist.

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