"If your installation does not allow automatic restart"

In the manual page for greenbone-nvt-sync (man greenbone-nvt-sync) there is this sentence: “If your installation does not allow automatic restart, you need to restart the scanner manually.”.

I have been playing around with how best to update my scanner, e.g. by running

in crontab daily. Now, it also says in man greenbone-nvt-sync that it will send a signal to openvassd and openvasmd to restart/reload/update?

My question is: Is there any special configuration I need to put in place to allow openvassd and openvasmd to restart/reload/update on signal from greenbone-nvt-sync.

There is no mention of this in “man openvassd” or “openvassd --help”

Currently I’m running openvassd and openvasmd on unix-sockets.

greenbone-nvt-sync is sending a sighup to openvassd after the sync to allow openvassd to reload the nvts. See https://github.com/greenbone/openvas-scanner/blob/openvas-scanner-5.1/tools/greenbone-nvt-sync.in#L622

Therefore the user running greenbone-nvt-sync must be allowed to send this signal to openvassd which may run under different user and permissions.

In future with GVM 10 sending the sighup is removed because openvassd reloads the nvts automatically if they have changed on the disk.