I wonder about update Openvas

If I updated Openvas from this Docker but I need to setup new server. so my question is every time I update, I need to set up new server or I can on the same server I set up before? here is my last update Workflows - Greenbone Community Documentation I don’t know in the future if OpenVas update I need to create new server and setup again or I just run command update on the server current I used?
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After you switched the docker containers from mikesplain/openvas to our official docker setup you always update the same “server” (technically several containers and servers are running).


can I know which one is a offcial docker setup ?
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You can find the official Docker setup here: Greenbone Community Containers 22.4


ohh My thank to you sir. I installed from this link too.

I thought this is obvious…

The Greenbone Community Edition aka OpenVAS is developed by the company Greenbone. All source code can be found at Greenbone · GitHub

All the documentation can be found at Greenbone Community Documentation

Specifically the documentation for the Greenbone Community Containers can be found at Greenbone Community Containers 22.4 - Greenbone Community Documentation