I can't scan udp ports

Hi, I just installed Openvas on kali, and I ran my first scan, of all TCP ports. Now when I try to run “All TCP and UDP ports”, it doesn’t start or seems to finish without scanning it. What am I missing here?

Hey, would like to help, but there is a lot of uncertainty about your problem.

Is it not starting, or completing without scanning? What is the target and consider alive config? Is it a single IP, hostname, or IP range? Which scan config are you using - is it the “Full and fast” or a discovery scan?

I’m scanning another IP in my network. I’m using the default scan config options, full and fast. The scan does not start.

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You can find basic information on choosing the correct port list for your task here:

GSM Manual: 17.2.1 Selecting a Port List for a Task

Choosing to scan All UDP is usually not a good idea when not understanding how the UDP protocol is working as scanning all UDP ports on a single target might take multiple hours or even longer.

See also:

In some situations with port throttling, scanning all TCP and UDP ports can take up to 24 hours or more for a single system.

from GSM Manual: Scan Duration

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