I can not create a target specifying a port list using OMP


I created the target by specifying portlist using the OMP command, but it will be default portlist instead of portlist specified by portlist.
Would you tell me if there is an error in the execution method?
I ran the following command.

  1. Create port list command
    omp - h -p 9392 -u foo -w bar -xml โ€˜<create_port_list> dummy_port_list</ name><port_range>T:22, T:80, T:139, T:143, T:443, T:445, T:5001, T: 8080, T:8081</port_range></create_port_list>โ€™

  2. Create target command
    omp - h -p 9392 -u foo -w bar -xml โ€˜<create_target> test </ hosts><port_list>Return value of 1.</port_list></ create_target>โ€™

The OpenVAS environment is as follows.
ยท OS: Ubuntu 16.04.5
ยท OpenVAS Scanner 5.1.3
ยท OpenVAS Manager 7.0.3

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