I am unable to scan AzureVM

I am unable to connect only with Azure VM. My local is successfully scanned by OpenVAS Tool. When I try to scan Azure Machine it gives zero results. Anything I want to change in OpenVAS Tool.

Sounds like a connectivity issue.
Curious, is your scanner able to connect directly to the Azure VM?

I install OpenVAS tool in virtual Box(My Laptop). When I scan the local and office machine it gives a scan report.
But when I scan the Azure virtual machine, scan report is empty.

Hello vishnu.

can you provide us some logs, error anything that can help us.

can you acces to your virtual machine with a ping or with your browser ?

Thank in advance

Hi Maselia,
When starting the task it gives the status “done” but the report is empty. I am able to access my VM via putty(port 22). There is no error msg it gives an empty report.

Did you check the parameter you pass for your virtual machine you might habe a typo

I check many times. I recreate more than 10 times but it gives empty report.

The host probably just wasn’t detected as alive. Please check the following resources below.

I’m also wondering why this topic was put into the “Open Scanner Protocol (OSP)” category and with so many wrong tags (it is clearly not a OSP related topic and also not a duplicate). Maybe you could edit the topic, remove any unnecessary tags and put it into the better fitting https://community.greenbone.net/c/scanning-scan-configuration/26 category?


If you login to the Virtual Machine, can you connect directly to the same IP you are scanning?

yes @immauss.