Hyper-V 2022 BSOD

My Greenbonde quick&fast scan gave our fully patched hyper-v servers 2022 a bsod. Anyone have same experience?

This is highly unlikely, do you know what NVT caused it ? If a remote scan produces a BSOD i guess you have a hardware issue, that will cause a BSOD anyway if you run the machine with some network traffic. What was the blue screen reason, what diagnostic data was printed before reboot ?
I would suggest to disable the automatic reboot, run the scan again and check if the crash is hard /software or driver related ?

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we have a similar Issue.The Greenbone Discovery job gives every time our Hyper-V 2019 a bsod.


We currently have a case open at Microsoft, but have not yet had a result

If you have this via a discovery job, you have a serious hardware, security or driver issue.

I would check to upgrade the Network driver or disable offloading of your network hardware. This is NOT a Greenbone Issue more a driver or hardware issue if some packet can write into the Kernel-Space.


That failure shows a serious issue (infection, defective hardware or critical driver), you should decommission that machine asap.


i think is a Driver Issue. We have this Situation on 2 HyperV hosts. Same Hardware.

Hey, do you have a Intel Nic with a i40e Driver? like x710, x720 , x722 … etc? Microsoft found a bug in i40eb68.sys . Actually is a Case open with intel.