Https://my-ip-address:9392 says cannot be reached

I am not sure if I am even in the correct forum. I have installed openvas on my Fedora 24 OS. It seems to have been both installed and setup correctly. The issue is that I cannot get logged in through my browser at https://[my-ip]:9392 . I have disabled Selinux and turned off my firewall but no go. In my logs I see that it has installed OpenVAS Manager version 7.0.3 (DB revision 184). My login attempt failed out with the ‘warning’ as follows:

md main:WARNING:2019-12-01 11h30.02 utc:13313: openvas_scanner_connect_unix: Failed to connect to scanner (/var/run/openvassd.sock): Connection refused

I apologize if this is the incorrect place to post this problem. Please advise…