How to verify openvas-smb is running?

Hi all,

Bit stuck.

Been noticing these two lines in Authenticated Scan Info Consolidation:

Extended SMB support available via openvas-smb module (Tools/Present/smb): FALSE
Extended WMI support available via openvas-smb module (Tools/Present/wmi): FALSE

It says I should install openvas-smb, which I have done from the GIT. But Im still getting the error. SMB logon is actually working, but how can I test that openvas-smb is installed and working correctly?

If you have installed from sources you’re not using the Community Edition (GCE) but the Source Edition (GSE) so i’m moving this thread into the correct category for now.

The mentioned output is already testing and verifying the installation of openvas-smb by checking if some functions provided by this module is available to the scanner. When getting the output posted above it means that you have some issues with either building the openvas-smb module or the order of the build modules is incorrect.

Apologies for my ignorance, but the order of the build modules? How do I check what the order is, and where should openvas-smb be on that order?

No need to apology, maybe i should have add some more context about the order to make this more clear. :slightly_smiling_face:

When building GVM from sources please have a look at the INSTALL file shipped within the source archives. For the above you can find the following in the openvas-scanner

Recommended to have WMI support:

  • openvas-smb >= 1.0.1

This means you need to compile and install openvas-smb before compiling the scanner to get WMI/SMB support (and the above test) to work.

Ah cool.
So compile/install openvas-smb first, then install the scanner? That should be all I need?

Just for general reference - if i was installing from scratch, what should the order be for all the packages?

IIRC, the order is:

  1. gvm-libs
  2. openvas-smb
  3. openvas-scanner
  4. gvmd
  5. gsa

Please correct me if I mixed something up.


I did a clean install of Kali 2019, then openvas-smb, then did an apt-get for openvas, then ran openvas-setup.

All up and running, but still can’t enumerate users. Still getting:

Extended SMB support available via openvas-smb module (Tools/Present/smb): FALSE
Extended WMI support available via openvas-smb module (Tools/Present/wmi): FALSE

Unfortunately this is probably not the way you can get this to work. AFAIK the scanner/libs needs to be linked against openvas-smb on compile/build time. To get this to work you probably have two possibilities:

  1. Build all components from sources and not only openvas-smb
  2. Contact the Kali package maintainer and ask to package openvas-smb
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Hi Emoss,

Thanks for this. It looks like the order is:

  1. Openvas-smb
  2. gym-libs (it looks for openvas-smb)
  3. Openvas-scanner
  4. gvmd
  5. GSA

This is very valuable information - would it be worth me writing a small “build order” document for other users who come across this issue? Since Ive been completely new to the GSE build until now, I’ve got a load of notes so I can repeat a successful build.

If you would be willing to share your notes that would be wonderful. We have had issues getting our scan to return vulnerabilities for windows machines as it will no longer auto start the remote registry service, which I believe is a function of openvas-smb