How to use the API to control the number of scan threads

On the UI provided by GSAD, I can select the Maximum concurrently executed NVTs per host when creating a task.But when I use the python-gvm to create a task, I found the create_task function has no parameters for this option.

Does anyone know how to solve it? Thx

I’ve got the same problem. Maybe a workaround would be to clone a scan config and set another number of concurrent NVTs and use this scan_config_ID in the create_task command in python-gvm. But I think that the number of concurrent NVTs is not integrated in the scan config but has to be adjusted in every task.

Are there other ideas?

Hi,I’ve solve this problem,When you use API to create a task,you can control the number of scanning threads through the ‘preferences’ parameter.Example:“preferences”: {“max_checks”: 8}

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