How to use CLI to initiate a simple scan on a target?

i am a Firmware Engineer and I am new to openvas as well as most linux usage.

i am trying to get openvas to run a scan from the command line.

i have got some gvm-cli commands working, however i am unsure the best / simplest way to start a simple scan for a single target.

so far i have tried many things similar to this, but have not been sucsesful.

gvm-cli --protocol OSP --gmp-username Admin --gmp-password “PASS” socket --xml “<start_scan scan_id=‘Test1’ parallel=‘1’>

(sorry for formatting, site doesnt like copy pasta xml)

Using gvm-cli directly from the command line is not an easy way to remotely control Greebone from the since you have to write the XML. Using python-gvm is an easier solution because you can write python scripts and execute them - they will build the GMP XML commands for you.