How to upgrade GOS 6.0.7 to GOS 20.8

Hi All,

I have a Greenbone OS version 6.07.

On the upgrade page from version 6 to version 20.8 ( guides you to select maintenance and then upgrade, but the upgrade option is not available.

In the initial guidelines it states: Before upgrading to GOS 20.08, the latest version of GOS 6 must be installed on the GSM and the GSM must be rebooted.
So I would like to know how to update to the latest version of GOS 6 so that I can then upgrade to version 20.8
Or is there some way to upgrade directly from version 6.07 to version 20.8

Thank you for any help.


Updating initial information - I use GSM 6.07, like info below:


That option is only available if you bought a (virtual) appliance with a valid subscription.

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Maybe you are using a GOS 6 GSM that doesn’t support upgrading like a GSM Maven or a Greenbone Community Edition (GCE)?

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