How to update SCAP and CERT feeds?

Hi, how can I update the SCAP and CERT feeds? I tried to do “Maintenance” > “Feed” > “Update”, but it updates only the “Greenbone Community Feed”, while “Greenbone Community SCAP Feed” and “Greenbone Community CERT Feed” stay olds. I also tried from the shell, but it requires to be as root user (but the root user is not allowed…). Thank you.

VM’s infos:

GSM Type: CE
GOS Version: 6.0.10

Hello Mario_A, and welcome to the Greenbone Community!

Daily* updates are only offered for the “Greenbone Security Feed” and the “Greenbone Community Feed”. The “Greenbone [Community] SCAP Feed” and “Greenbone [Community] CERT Feed” contain information published by third-party organizations or vendors, and are only updated by Greenbone if new information is available.

Please run a feed update again in the next few days.

*monday-friday, business days as defined by the German state of Lower Saxony, public holidays excluded

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Ok, so (for example) the “CVE” site has to release an update specially for Greenbone (it is different from the normal vulnerability updates for CVE site itself), right?

No. The public information is used. However, for various reasons, there can sometimes be a time delay between the publication by third parties and the publication by Greenbone.