How to update Openvas 22.4 to 22.7 without losing data

I Installed OpenVas (22.4) container from this Docker but when I scan I got this (Report outdated / end-of-life Scan Engine / Environment (local)) error every IP I scaned. I think OpenVas 22.4 is a old version. So if I update 22.4 to 22.7 maybe the error is solve. please help me to update OpenVas from docker container.
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Here is my understanding and someone else can jump in if I’m incorrect. You should use the GB CE Docker containers workflows page. It has general instructions on managing the Docker containers. The update will simply to pull the new versions of Docker.

This should keep the underlying PostgreSQL database containing all your configuration settings, scan reports, and other data objects. 22.4.1 was only released in January 2023, and the other minor version updates to openvas-scanner have been fast-moving, but as far as I can see, there has not been an update to PostgreSQL version in the Docker containers, which is the only thing that could really cause user settings and data objects to be incompatible.

I am sorry but you need to use a new setup and start from the beginning for updating to a current version. The docker container you are using is heavily outdated and unmaintained. I’ve already created an issue about that Deprecate mikesplain/openvas-docker · Issue #271 · mikesplain/openvas-docker · GitHub more then one year ago.


Thanks for correcting me. I didn’t know that 22.4 was that old. :wink:

I see alot of container like (greenbone/vulnerability-tests greenbone/scap-data grennbone/data-object …) which one should I install from docker container? I see it’s publisher today 21hours ago what is that mean?
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You could try my implementation.
I’ve been maintaining it since v9, and have added at each major upgrade from GB, a bit to manage upgrades from one to the next automagically …
That said … YMMV. I’ve not tried exactly what you would be doing. If your DB is from makesplain, that is REALLY old at this point. However, with the magic of containers, you can clone your existing volume, and try it out without really risking your data.

If you do try it out, and run into problems, please open an issue on my github.


But as always … the 3 most important pieces of an operation like this… BACKUP, BACKUP, BACKUP!
before you start.

The GitHub - mikesplain/openvas-docker: A Docker container for Openvas docker container is not 22.4. It still contains OpenVAS 9 a very very very very old version

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@jitidij please take a look at the official documentation at Greenbone Community Containers 22.4 - Greenbone Community Documentation

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Ahah, I was wondering what was going on! I missed the fact that the OP was installing containers from mikeplain not from Greenbone’s official Docker containers. :exploding_head: