How to share resources, tasks, targets, results, and more from admin user to another user?

Dear Community,

I have been looking for a proper solution to share with a second user in GVM my tasks, targets, reports and more that I have in my Admin user.

I already tried the option described here: 9 Managing the Web Interface Access — Greenbone Enterprise Appliance 22.04.3 documentation
And the option to add a group and select: “Special Groups - Create permission to grant full read and write access among all group members and across any resources”

However none is working for me. Any advice is appreciated.

I have Greenbone 22.4
Source Edition

Hi juliero, and welcome to the Greenbone Community Forum!

Would you like to share all reports or only specific reports with that second user? Should that user be able to do the same operations as an admin with those reports or do you want to only grant read permissions?

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Hi TreAtW,

Thank you for your answer. I want to grant only Read permissions to the second user.
This way the second user can see, tasks, reports, results, targets, without modifying anything.

Any ideas?

The best way I have found so far is to give a user read permission for tasks. They will be able to read any reports and results from those tasks.

In order to do that, you have to first get the ID of the task you want to grant read access to. Do to that, go to the details page of the task by clicking the magnifying glass icon after clicking on it. You can then find the task ID there:

Copy the ID to your clipboard. Then, go to Administration > Permissions and click the add icon in the top left corner. As permission name, choose get_tasks. Then choose the correct user who should get access and paste the task ID.


Click save. Now the other user should have read access to the task and its generated reports. You can repeat this process for any tasks, reports and targets (Of course the permission name will be get_tasks, get_reports and get_targets respectively).

Please let me know if this was helpful. :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, I already tested and it works.

The disadvantage here is that if you have many tasks, results, reportas, hundreds or more, this is time consuming.

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That’s true, however the results and reports will be shared with the user if they have read access to the corresponding tasks. So at least some work can be saved by sharing the tasks with them instead of the single reports.


Yeah, correct. I already confirmed I can see the reports in the second user and download them.
Thanks for you help!

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