How to Setup Alert via Mail

Hi Everyone,
I have a isssue about send alert via mail. Anyone have a guide for setup or config mail alert on GVM 22.4
I install follow this guide by container :slight_smile:
if config postfix, can you give a example config postfix or step by step for this configue. Tks so much

Hi @hiddleston071990,

Here you go

Is just uses the sendmail pipe, like any other Linux / Unix system.

If you configure your MTA for your local system correctly it just works :wink:

Hi Guy, can u give a guide for this, I have a server mail Zimbra, How to config send mail alert to i build GVM 22.04 by docker. I have some question:
1- On GVM, where we can config or add account mail zimbra
2- Can i install Exim4 or postfix as MTA on GVM server , if do that, how i must config?
Plz help . tks so much

You mean using Postfix as MTA? I have a server mail Zimbra,so i must config send mail alert to, Right?

I talked about the sendmail pipe, you need to understand the technology you are using. The sendmail pipe is used for the local MTA to deliver mails within the local host or route it via MTA. Every local mailer (Sendmail/Exim/Postfix) is offering that. IMHO only GOS (Enterprise Appliances) are offering the convenient way , if you self host your GVM you need to master /admin your MTA by your own.