How to search for application version

I know I can filter the results of our scans for a particular applicaiton or operating system, but is there a way to extend the search to a particular version? The information is in the detail ofthe results, but I don’t know how to filter for it.

As a current example, search for Apache HTTP Server shows plenty of hits and in the “Consolidation of Apache HTTP Server detections.” the version is listed, so could i narrow the search for a particular version?

Thanks in advance

I’m on version 20.08.8.

Hi djr,

Good question, I’ll look and ask about it.



Hi @djr,

I asked and there is no option to filter results by application although something to try is checking the applications list, and then filtering the results by the hosts where the application was found. Please let us know if that helps.


Thanks for looking into this @DeeAnn, but what do you mean by the application list? The Results tab only lists vulnerabilities found, if there is a way I can list applications and filter those, it would help