How to run Vulnerability scan for the instances under bastion host using Openvas tool

We are doing a POC on OpenVas tool, so that we can scan our instances to get the Vulnerability.

We have successfully configured it into our network and ran scan for few dummy instances. Now we are trying to run instances for QA stack. As per the configuration the instance access use to be done through bastion host using ssh-tunnel configuration. Now when we checked in Openvas tool there is no configuration for ssh-tunnel hence we are not able to run the scan for the instances running under bastion host.

Could you please help us out in resolving this, so that we can pass our POC.

From the text showing up when creating a topic in the “Vulnerability Tests” category:

Use this category for all topics (General discussion of results, reporting of false positive / negative results, VT development) around vulnerability tests (the so called “NASL scripts”).

Please chose a different/better fitting category for all topics related to GVM (Installation, Usage, Configuration, Scanning).

moving into the correct category accordingly.