How to reset root password - the first answer is bullshit as there is a root account on the VM having /bin/bash as a shell

how can we reset the root password from the appliance?
it would be silly if the whole community runs the same password on the appliance while it is storing all the credentials from their scanned infrastructure.

The community edition comes without a root account, so no need to reset a password for a “non existing” account where login is not possible.

GOS does not need a interactive root account for normal operations, and the root account should be disabled for any active appliance for security reasons.

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fair enough, anyway how do we backup the appliance as veeam backup requires root permissions for the vm to prepare for backup

You can´t install software on the appliance, use the hypervisor (snapshot) to backup it .

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i refer to this

Closing this off topic … it is not supported with GOS.