How to reset OpenVAS DB?

How to clear all data and set OpenVAS to new configuration?

If you are using sqlite you can delete the tasks.db file somewhere in /var/lib/openvas. It will be recreated when restarting openvasmd. And don’t forget to make a backup before deletion :wink:


OpenVAS with Redis DB, on Kali Linux…

No clue on how to reset the DB.

In order to get more helpful answers I suggest to describe in more detail what you actually want to achieve.
Redis for example is only a temporary database while scanning.

Apart from this, if it comes down to special configuration of a third party integration, please check back with the respective community (Kali) since they know the setup best (for example whether GVM is configured to use SQLite or PostgreSQL).

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Personally because nothing is stored persistently I would call it only a cache not a database.

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Thank you for your assistance!

After latest upgrade, my OpenVAS scans go through, but 0 vulnerability is detected.

I intend to delete all data, including previous scans, hoping it will fix the issue.