How to .. report / list / view/filter for all CPEs in Asset Hosts, or aggregrate report history


So in Greenbone ( CENO virtual appliance in this case) , one can review the hosts found from past scans that were configured to add hosts to the asset database, and another menu item basically sorts that that list of hosts by CPE:/o:/ for a list of OSs in the asset db, but what about CPE:/a/ and CPE:/h/: identified by the scans, which correspond to identified applications/services for things like web servers, proxy’s db’s and other services found on hosts, or hardware for network equipment or iDRAC interfaces etc.

How or where should one be looking to get a searchable, sortable enumeration of all CPE’s identified? in across the infrastructure or a range of hosts/scans/tasks/reports. I know that this must be aggregated somewhere in the appliance because this has to be what the CVE scan is run offline against, and application and OS are generally included in each report’s tabs. How and from what section of Greenbone can I view the aggregates?