How to Redevelop Openvas

Hello, may I ask if installing only openvas-scanner and gvm-lib will make it run successfully? I don’t want the web UI and unnecessary components; I want to control it directly through Python.

May I ask if you did take a look at the architecture und understand why there are several components in our stack?

Of course you can run it without the web part (the web UI GSA and the web server gsad) and just use gvm-tools in conjunction with the underlying python-gvm library but removing the mqtt-server, notus-scanner, postgresql and gvmd doesn’t make sense to me. You can do that but it will remove many many features and I don’t think you are aware of the pitfalls. The components of the stack are used for a reason.

First of all, thank you for your response. My idea is to exclude the web UI and develop my own UI interface. I only need the scanning functionality and don’t want its built-in features like login and result saving. Since I am a beginner, could you please help me figure out how to set up in this scenario?

I am sure you still don’t underestimate what you want to do and all its complexity but nonetheless you need to take a look at the OSP documentation and its implementation in python-gvm.