How to list only non-compliant scan results?

After choosing a few NVTs and scanning a system, I wonder how to configure the webinterface to list only the non-compliant scan results? Currently all compliant and non-compliant results are listed, this is not helpful.
17 Results is not a realistic count, in reality it would be more like a few hundreds to many thousands results and opening each result one-by-one manually to see if it’s compliant is obviously no feasible.


There are at least these non-compliant NVTs:

  • Microsoft Windows: Account lockout duration

    Compliant: NO
    Actual Value: None
    Set Point: 15

  • Microsoft Windows: Audit Audit Policy Change

    Compliant: NO
    Actual Value: Success
    Set Point: Success and Failure

so I wonder how to filter only for them.


Policies are mostly GSF only content, see also The Different Flavors of Greenbones Technology.
With the GSF, it is possible to list (non-) compliant results only.

Let me know, if there are any more questions.

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