How to install greenbone source edition Virtual Appliances

I try to install Greenbone Source Edition but I only see the Greenbone Enterprise TRAIL only 14days.
becuase I install from Virtual Appliances it’s doesn’t have issue like when I scan the issue is scan end of life but when I try to install from Virtual Appliances it’s worked for me but it’s only 14days. So how can I install greenbone from Virtual Appliances without 14days trail.
My thank to you.

The Greenbone Enterprise Trial is the only “Virtual Machine” version of Greenbone that is available. The Docker containers are a form of virtualization but not “Virtual Machines” per say. The Greenbone Enterprise Trial only has 14 days for the trial.

If you want to use a virtualized edition of Greenbone without a 14-day restriction, you should use the Docker containers. But, again, these are not traditional “Virtual Machines”.

Here are the instructions for the Docker containers:

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To be precise the Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL can be used without any time constraints. It’s a VM for testing our enterprise product. You can request a test key for our enterprise feed that’s only valid for 14 days additionally. Without a test key the TRIAL VM uses the community feed.


@bricks So, will the Enterprise TRIAL VM will default back do the community vulnerability feed when the trial is expired?

I try but It’s still get issue scan end of life I don’t know why please help me.

so if it’s expried how can we continue with it? still request a test key or need to buy enterprise product

I did this. Everything works great until I try to open the browser… which doesn’t open. I tried doing it manually and that did not work either.

The expired test key needs to be removed as per 7 Managing the Greenbone Operating System — Greenbone Enterprise Appliance 22.04.13 documentation for the appliance to download the community feed.

The Greenbone Enterprise TRIAL has no time limitation aside from the test key. Note however, that the TRIAL appliance cannot be updated and will be outdated soon.

You are free to download another TRIAL appliance at any time. If you are interested in our enterprise products, which do not have any limitations and include full support, please contact our sales team at Buy Greenbone Solution - Greenbone.