How to import NASL-scripts offline


I bet this question have to have been asked here before but searching did not yield any usable result. Apologies if it is a duplicate.

I am using OpenVAS and Greenbone GUI to scan servers in an offline environment so I have installed OpenVAS using a private repo for Debian/Kali.

The problem:

Problem is that I can’t import the community feed with all the nasl-files. I have put them in /var/lib/openvas/plugins and also ./private in that directory, to no avail. There is no maintenance menu or script that I can run to import the files. How do I go about this?

Thanks in advance!

GVM versions

gsa: 7.0.3
gvm: Not found
openvas-scanner: Not found
gvm-libs: Not found


**Operating system: Linux Kali Rolling 5.2.0 **
**Kernel: Linux kali 5.2.0 **
**Installation method / source: Offline debian repository **

Due to the fact that your packets are a uncoordinated integration, please contract the Kali Maintainers for this question. On the GCE we do not support this you need to buy two midrange or bigger Greenbone Appliance to have the Offline-Update Feature we call AirGap that enables the user to use our technology in a disconnected offline environment.

I have some thoughts about this answer.

I cannot and will not buy any appliances as this company will not allow 3rd party hardware. This is your standard answer, but not applicable.

It is coordinated integrationwise, that’s what I’m doing here.

The Kali Maintainers will not be contracted, nor do I think they would want a contract in this manner.

The AirGap feature might work, but then again, I’m just asking how to import offline NASL-files. Nothing else. No further updates are required at this time.

For GVM < 11 it is basically enough to send a SIGHUP to the main scanner process (openvassd) to tell the scanner to reload the NASL plugins from the file system. If the version in the has changed the GVMd will pick up these changes and will reload its internal NASL database with the new info.

With GVM 11+ this might have changed, please have a look at the ospd-openvas and openvas documentation which might give some pointers how to reload the NASL files now.

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That is not the case , everything that is not coordinated by Greenbone is uncoordinated and not supported :grin:

It is coordinated, by me. It is quite apparent that Greenbone will not support users in how to update the nasl files. Have a nice one.

Please not support is fully on voluntary basis for free, only paying customer get a SLA.
He have our online script for the community edition and the source edition. If you life with that it´s fine. But expecting everything for free ins not how the world works.

this sort of forth and back leads nowhere, it only leaves a bad taste for all involved.
To the topic: @cfi indicated a possible way forward for you @magiker, pls try it out.

Nevertheless, I think it should also be understood that the level of support given to paying customer is different to that one rendered for a user of Greenbone’s source packages.

When it’s about ‘uncoordinated installation’, it is Greenbone’ understanding that coordinated integrations and our own ‘sold’ solution receive a more intense level of support than installations where we haven’t been involved from the beginning - which is why we call them ‘uncoordinated’. Specially those provided by Kali have to be seen as such, as we haven’t been involved in the integration into Kali at all, thus we have no knowlegde or information about specific dependencies related to that. Hence we can’t support it to the level as we can with our own solutions or any coordinated integration.

Dear @magiker , I hope for your understanding of this situation and the fact that support given in this portal for any installation is based on best effort and given without the detailed knowledge of the environment of it.
best regards