How to import external vulnerabilities database

How can i import an external db of vulnerabilities? I know that openVAS works with SCAP db but i want to add some vulnerabilities.
Thanks a lot

I am not sure what you want to achieve but I doubt it will work out at the end. Our software uses SCAP data (CVE and CPE information) as extra information that is linked from our results. The results are generated by so called Vulnerability Tests (VTs). These VTs are mostly scripts run written in the nasl language and run in the openvas-scanner. These scripts detect vulnerabilities and reference CVEs and also CPEs. So adding additional SCAP data wont detect additional vulnerabilities.

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Thanks. Another question: can I modify those scripts to add my own vulnerability information to refer to?

Yes you can write NASL scripts on your own. Existing scripts should be found somewhere in /var/lib/openvas.

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I found the directory. Do you know how i can write script for my achieve?
Once scripts written how openVAS reads them and understand them? What will i have to do?