How to identify the permitted character subset when updating the admin password

Dear all,

I am using the Community Containers

When updating the admin password via the command line:

docker-compose ... --user=admin --new-password=mynewpassword

I have encountered that, in some occasions, the provided password is not accepted by gvmd when I try to interact with it afterwards.

Authentication failure for 'admin' from unix_socket

After some thorough testing I came up with the conclusion that some characters are currently not supported in this scenario. Plus, I found this bugfix.

My question is:

Is this requisite (character set limitation for passwords) explicitly written in the documentation? If so, where?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

You can find the documentation here: 9 Managing the Web Interface Access — Greenbone Enterprise Appliance 22.04.15 documentation

No limitations to the type of characters apply.

I did some quick tests with a lot of obscure UTF-8 characters and could not reproduce any problem.

Can you provide further details regarding which characters you think are not supported?

In addition, does the problem also occur when you create a user directly in the web interface?

Last but not least, did you assign a role to the user? If it is a custom role, does it have the correct permissions (see the documentation linked above)?


Does adding double-quotes around the password help? I’m trying to remember back to a similar issue I had and not sure whether it was resolved by adding qouble quotes.

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