How to handle frequently changing targets

Hi all,

I’m currently setting up Greenbone to scan my company’s network.

My approach was to define targets corresponding to the responsibilities of my coworkers and update them frequently via the API.

I’ve set up the update part, only to realise, that I can’t modify the targets while they are assigned to a task and that I loose my reports if I delete the tasks.

How would one go about to implement this kind of scenario? The responsibilities of my coworkers don’t line up with subnets an I would like to have some sort of control over who can see what.

I’d appreciate any suggestions or hints at best practices.


The task setting Alterable Task can be utilized for this use case:

Alterable Task
Allow for modification of the task’s scan target(s), scanner and scan configuration, even if reports were already created. The consistency between reports can no longer be guaranteed if tasks are altered.

You will need to re-create the affected tasks for this and select “Alterable Task” before the task is started for the first time.

Note that you may also want to make use of the Permissions feature if you utilize alterable tasks to prevent the other users from changing the tasks, targets, or other related objects.

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Hi Martin,

many thanks for your response! Unfortunately the “alterable task” option doesn’t solve my specific problem.

While I’m now able to choose a different target within the (now alterable) task, I still can’t modify the target object as long as it is referenced by the task (any task for that matter - alterable or not).

Is this the expected behavior?

I’m currently evaluating a different approach which doesn’t rely on me modifying existing targets - but I’m still curious whether this is a feasible practice or whether I should consider targets as static.

That is true. I cannot recall right now if there is a reason for this behaviour.

As a slightly more complicated workflow, you would have to clone the old target, modify the clone, and then modify the alterable task and assign the clone to it. The old target could also be deleted afterwards.