How to get scan progress per host?

Hi everyone,

I want to know the scan progress of a host through GSA, are the any options to enable this?

Hello panajo1017,

as far as I am aware, there is no such functionality that does this, at least in the GUI. You have multiple options though:

  • Create a target that only contains the single host you want to see the progress for.

  • If you need multiple hosts in your scan, you can check the progress per host via the logs (/var/log/gvm/openvas.log in the ospd-openvas container)

  • If you want to use the GUI and value a progress indication above scan speed, you can disable simultaneous scanning of multiple hosts and set the host scan order to anything not random via the task configuration.That’ll give you a rough progress estimate.

I hope that those suggestions are of any help to you. :slight_smile: