How to download CVE scanner full report with the detailed information


How to download the full report output with detailed information about the CVEs found by the CVE scanner. When I download the pdf output, it just has the summary of the results.

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Please don’t push a thread within just a few hours between the initial posting. This is a community forum with user to user hints and developer participation on a volunteer basis without any given SLA or similar.

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Sure, Thanks for the information.

Why not exporting into XML and using something like this:


I was able to reproduce this, there is a problem with the “PDF” report format and CVE scan reports not working as expected together.

I will raise an internal issue for this, but I cannot promise if and when this will be fixed, as the “PDF” report format is very old and not a priority for maintenance.

For our enterprise products we offer a number of other and better PDF and HTML report formats which do not have this issue.

Alternatively you can do as joseraeiro2 suggests.

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