How to change the limitation of 1000 lines on report from docker install

Hello, I am having a problem when exporting the results of my scan. It only exports 1000 lines, but I have many more (over 5000). I have seen different posts suggesting to add ignore_pagination=1, but on the Docker environment, I am unable to run gvm-cli to request a report via the command line. The gvm-tools Docker container doesn’t run properly; when I attempt to start it, it stops after launching. Perhaps it’s because I’m not entirely sure how to do it. Maybe I try it the wrong way ?

Is there any way to automatically export more than 1000 lines when requesting the report from the web page? Alternatively, how can I achieve this from the Docker environment using the command line?"


export from the Web interface should always export all results of a report.

For using the gvm-tools container you should follow

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In my case, I don’t know why, but when I use the web interface to export, it only exports files with the first 1000 results in them.

When I try to get the report with this command:
gvm-cli --gmp-username user --gmp-password user socket --socketpath /run/gvmd/gvmd.sock --xml "<get_reports report_id=5e735fda-416b-437a-ad70-729271714ef8/>"
gvm-cli --gmp-username user --gmp-password user socket --socketpath /run/gvmd/gvmd.sock --xml "<get_results task_id=edee28bc-eeee-455a-bff4-712fd2bf1f46 filter='notes=1 overrides=1'/>"
I receive this as a return: Invalid XML

And when I try this:
gvm-cli --gmp-username user --gmp-password user socket --socketpath /opt/gvm/var/run/gvmd.sock --xml “<get_reports report_id=“5e735fda-416b-437a-ad70-729271714ef8” format_id=“a994b278-1f62-11e1-96ac-406186ea4fc5” filter=“apply_overrides=0 levels=hmlgf rows=100 min_qod=70 first=1 sort-reverse=severity ignore_pagination=1”/>”
I receive this error: “bash: get_reports: No such file or directory.”

And where can I find the format_id for the PDF and the CSV? I’m not able to find it; I just saw it mentioned on the forum for the PDF in a post.


could you do me a favor and format your command with backticks ` ? See Start Here - #3 by bricks for more details about formatting in this forum.


<get_results task_id=edee28bc-eeee-455a-bff4-712fd2bf1f46 filter=‘notes=1 overrides=1’/>

is not valid xml. It’s missing quotes around the task id.

You should be able to download all results currently shown and filtered in the UI by clicking on the icon above (1) in the screenshot and confirming the dialog (2)

and if you want a different format for example the plain standard XML just change the Report Format in the dialog before confirming it.

To get the UUID of the report formats first follow the click path of this screenshot

afterwards select a report format and open the details page of the report format


at the report format details page you will find the report format id on the top right


Sorry I have forget to format my command.

when i put the quotes it return me this :
ERROR:gvmtools.cli:Response Error 404. Failed to find task 'edee28bc-eeee-455a-bff4-712fd2bf1f46'

I don’t have any problem to do a report but in my result i have 7759 result that i whant to put in y report but in my report i have only the first 1000

and that is what i have : ( i have crop the ip and hostname obviusly )

thanks for the report format id

Ok I am able to reproduce your behavior and personally consider this a bug. I will need some time to figure it out.