How to building 22.4 from Source with ubuntu22.04 docker container? Mossquitto can't start service

mosquitt : “Cannot assign requested address.”, and moquitto can’t start service


you need to give us some more details and at best the full error message as preformatted text. What do you mean by building from source with ubuntu 22.04 docker container? Did you try to run the source build within a container? This wont work because of systemd out of the box. There are plenty of issues with using systemd inside of a docker container.


yes, I want to building from source with ubuntu 22.04 docker container. you are right ,I met a lot of questions about it. Thank you very much. I will try another way.

and when restart the ubuntu container , redis-server also has the same question

Execuse me , I have a small question . In Greenbone Community Containers 22.4, where is ‘openvas-nasl’ command . There is no openvas-scanner container, I can’t find it.

Please use a new thread for new and unrelated questions.