How does it possible to buy access to Greenbone enterprise feed (advanced coverage)?

Hello! Does anybody could help, how to buy access to Greenbone enterprise feed (advanced coverage)?

We deployed scanner from source, but , of course, it has only community feed. We would like to use enterprise feed and connect it to this deployed scanner.

We tried to contact with greenbone sellers by this form Buy Greenbone Solution - Greenbone different times, but got no answer( Does anybody can help us with manager’s contact, may be email or phone number?

I don´t think this is a off the shelf product and can be bought quite easy. How many assets do you plan to scan and what will be your business case ?

I would suggest you buy a ready (virtual) appliance, otherwise Greenbone could not support your installation out of the box.

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Dear @aldemord, thank you for your interest in our solutions!

My name is Lena and I am working as a Sales Operations representative at Greenbone. To get in touch with the team, please send an e-mail to or feel free to call our Sales hotline (see Contact - Greenbone)
We will check the status of your request and get in touch with you directly.
Thank you, Lena


Thank you so much for your feedback. Our CEO Andrew Sallay will contact you today.

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