How do I register my custom VT?

So, I’ve written a test VT script…how do I make it available in GVM?

I can’t seem to find it in the SecInfo/NVTs. I’m not seeing it in the Policy checks…

I did a gvmd --rebuild. How do I add a custom check?

Hey. Did you place it into the plugins/ directory where other scripts are located as well?
If so: Please set the “nasl_no_signature_check” setting in openvas.conf to “yes”.
Try “openvas -u” command to rebuild the redis cache as well, before you run “gvmd --rebuild”.

Maybe that helps, otherwise please share your installation details as well (versions, host system if not GCE etc…).

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I am using version 21.04. The above steps are not working. Added custom VT with oid in 30NNNNN range. It’s just for testing. So I used the existing script of GCF and changed OID. Placed it in a private folder of the plugin as mentioned by CIF. Also ran openvas nasl lint command and got 0 errors. Ran openvas -u command and rebuilt using gvmd. Still not visible in the gsa nvts.

Did you check file permissions?

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It’s working. Thanks.

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