How do i find the NASL for a given NVT OID?

If I have a finding where I need to understand how the test actually works, is there a way to get the test code/NASL script for the NVT OID?

Example NVT OID:

how do I find the NASL script for this?

.nasl files are located at the /var/lib/openvas/plugins folder.
Search those files for a text match for the NVT OID.

Each .nasl file defines the NVT OID in a variable like so…


Note that the location of the files also highly depends on the installation method and underlying technology (e.g. Docker vs. Source Installation).

As this question is not directly related to .nasl / VTs and depends on the used technology as explained previously it would be appreciated if this topic could be moved into the “Advanced topics” category (cc @DeeAnn @bricks)