How do I download, install and use openVAS scanner?

Good evening from Singapore,

How do I download, install and use openVAS scanner? Are there any good tutorials on this?

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Mr. Turritopsis Dohrnii Teo En Ming

A good starting is the Greenbone Community Edition:

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The only good tutorial available online is the following:

Documentation around installing / setting up gvm is clearly lacking, and most of them relies on using third party repository, which is outdated and somehow broken.

Documentations available on greenbone is also limited (to the exception of gsad, which is very well documented), and assume you have good linux & compiling knowledges.

Fortunately this forum may help you. If it’s your first time with OpenVAS, I would suggest you stick to the community edition as highlighted upon, or you go through the source code but using the same plateform as the one the guide listed above is about.

Good luck !