How can I scan from terminal?

Hello, I have setup a gvm11 with openvas.
How can I scan a host from terminal/ how can I start a already existing task with terminal?
So that I can see the result of the scan in the gsa


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The linked docs in the previous message are about the Greenbone Management Protocol (GMP) which is the communication protocol used to control our software.

Additionally we provide an python CLI (gvm-tools) and an API (python-gvm) on top of GMP.

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I cant’t get it from there. Can’t I just say openvas start task with the ID “xyz-123-4567-7655” as user gsa-admin with password xyz?

just directly from the GVM11 machine? And that I can see the results of the scan in GSA when I login with as user gsa-admin with the passwort xyz.