How can I configure a TLS certificate for the HTTPS

I use Openvas docker container Workflows - Greenbone Community Documentation so how can I enable or configure TLS certificate for the HTTPS service. The connection to this GSA is not encrypted, allowing anyone listening to the traffic to steal your credentials.
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I suggest you search the forum for the information rather than just posting your question without research.


I aleardy did like the link you share but it’s doesn’t work for me

Thanks for the feedback. There seems to be mixed success with that approach to adding TLS to the Docker containers. I will try to look at it the solution this weekend and hopefully offer some more feedback next week.

Thank you. I hope can find the solution as soon as possible. If you can find the solution please reply this topic. Now I go to find another solution for Enable TLS certificate HTTPS Openvas docker container. If I found the sulotion I’ll post in this topic.
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