Hello!How can I got a guide on how to write nasl script?

I only find this which is writed in 2005,is there any recent guide?

Thanks for your help!

I can share here all the resources I have found on learning NASL. However, I found the best method for quickly learning NASL is to use ChatGPT. You can submit the NASL file and ChatGPT will explain it to you. If you get really smart with ChatGPT you can upload a .zip file with NASL files and get an output list of all functions used and descriptors for them. I have a work in progress somewhere that is attempting to build a sort of “manual” for NASL using this method/


thanks for your reply and help,I think would be very useful

There is also a sticky posting here:

and the scanner side NASL documentation here:

Otherwise looking at existing .nasl files and e.g. the function description within .inc files is another possibility.


Thanks for that link - I didn’t know that resource existed!

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