Has gvm default TLS Certificates/Keys

i am using TLS for remote connections since some weeks.

Here i read that this connection requires a certfile, key and cert-auth file

I never created any keys or certifiactes and it works fine. So my question is, has gvm (source edition 20.08) certificates by default and are there stored somewhere?


What i am questioning is, that i can request the version from a remote client via tls, but i never created any keys or certificates for a tls connection.
So i am wondering why its working just fine?

There is no such thing like “Default TLS Certificates/Keys” used in GVM. Most likely your package provider or setup script is generating them via gvm-manage-certs or you have some older certs / keys from a previous GVM installation which are now used.

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Ah yes now i understand why its working. Thank you