GVMD v. 23.5.2 not starting scans

Have not had time to do any debugging, so not opening a bug (yet) as it could be my setup.
However installing GVMD 23.5.2 (release) or even 23.5.3 starting a task does not request scanning to start from the scanner, no matter if they’re local (socket) or over the network to a secondary scanner.
Going back to 23.5.1 and everything just works again.

Weird (to me) is that a quick glance at the changes between 23.5.1 and .2 does not seem to mess with anything related to that?

Edit: Wanted the newer version as the feedowner thing has affected my testing two or three times.

So this was a weird one. Creating an alert triggered by “Requested” and (stupidly) configuring it to send a report (D’oh) meant that the alert triggered the mail, but gvmd never communicated with ospd.
This behavior started with 23.5.2 and can be reproduced in 23.6.0 too.
It appears that a large report (scan “Done”) may trigger this behavior too.